oh no birds

About Me

Tattooing seemed to enter my life like a ninja kick to the face and nothing has been the same since. I had the great pleasure being offered an apprenticeship at Tower Tattoos in Fresno, California. While I worked towards my BA in Liberal Studies at FSU, Tower was teaching me the finer points of tattooing. After receiving my degree at FSU I was given the opportunity to move to Florence, Italy to continue tattooing and also ease an always persistent quest for more knowledge of art. I have found that the best way to study anything is through immersion and what better place to study art and art history then the birthplace of the Renaissance? The growing concern of living in a foot shaped country in the event of a zombie invasion and the urge to be closer to family, caused me to move back to the United States and to this fine city of Portland. When I am not tattooing I enjoy creating art in other mediums such as painting and sculpture, and have had the opportunity to show my work in Italy, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The beautiful thing about tattooing is the collaborative effort between the artist and the client to produce something that they will proudly wear for the rest of their life. Plus, my mom thinks I’m keen!